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Dance & Guitar Lessons

Highly trained in their respective disciplines, Marie and Chris have been teaching for 20 years to students of all ages and levels of experience.

Group Dance Class


Marie offers a thorough, rigorous formation, giving students the necessary tools to comprehend movement and musicality in flamenco dance. Classes focus on technique, choreography and musical comprehension, allowing students to acquire the means to express their individuality and develop autonomy.

Throughout the course of time, students will be encouraged to develop their postural consciousness, listening capacities and general artistic sensitivity, acquire a better control of energy, as well as becoming familiar with the basis of every palo's specific interpretation.

Classes are regularly accompanied by a guitarist, developing the musicianship necessary for flamenco and live performance.

Private Dance Lessons


Private lessons focus on technical and theoretical problem solving through discussion and technique. Students reach a deeper understanding of their specific needs, obstacles and solutions.


Lessons help beginner students develop a practice routine, give intermediate students new tools to work with, and prepare advanced students for live performance.

Choreography commissions are also available upon request.

Guitar Lessons


Chris teaches traditional flamenco repertoire, flamenco-specific technique, and voice and dance accompaniment.

Classes are designed to meet the specific goals of the student.

Private lessons are available in person in San Francisco, San Jose, and online.

Student shows are organized periodically.

Flamenco Education: Arts Education
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